Andraéa LaVant

Cultural changemaker
transforming the world for all


Featured by top media outlets

Unapologetically owning her intersectional identity

Andraéa is a black disabled woman boldly confronting the world’s expectations of her existence by living fully and authentically

Andraéa LaVant is a trailblazer determined to cultivate a CULTURE FOR ALL.

For over 15 years, she’s been a notable voice in key conversations related to disability rights and justice and to other social justice movements, including making her mark as the Impact Producer of the Oscar-nominated, feature-length documentary, Crip Camp.

She’s all about fostering communities of belonging where everyone feels welcome—and empowered to be the fullest version of themselves.

Andraéa currently serves as the founder and president of LaVant Consulting Inc., a social impact communications firm that specializes in empowering brands to “speak disability with confidence”. Andraéa’s team has led campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Verizon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Netflix.

A picture of Andraéa Lavant unapologetically sat in her wheelchair rocking a summer romper

“I’m unashamedly embracing every aspect of my identity and ensuring the world knows it.”


The Multi-Hyphenate Cultural Maven

With her lived and professional experiences shaped by her identities at the intersections of race, gender, and disability, Andraéa LaVant expertly navigates and negotiates all corners of culture—from the fashion trends of the season to the latest federal policy mandates. She leads the hard conversations that should be happening today—and delivers “diplomatic shade” while she’s at it. With no apologies.

Andraéa Lavant on the red carpet ahead of the 2021 Oscars

The Fashion-Forward Style Superstar

With an unmatched accessory game

Andraéa is constantly pushing for inclusive and accessible fashion & beauty.

Never spotted without her signature cat-eye glasses and vibrant earrings & accessories, she’s dressing for herself, and not to compensate for her disability or for people to overlook it. She doesn’t sacrifice style for function either.

Andraéa believes in fully expressing who you are without the fear of being judged—and doing it in style.

The Bold Activist

Relentlessly fighting for disability rights, justice, & culture

As one who’s intimately familiar with being “othered”, Andraéa doesn’t waver in her conviction that disability must be a part of wider social justice movements.

She refuses to accept society’s assertions that disabled people, particularly disabled people of color, are invaluable, unworthy, and somehow broken.

For Andraéa, access and inclusion is more than just ‘the right thing to do.’

Andraéa Lavant the bold activist
Andraéa Lavant 'Crip Camp' Producer

The Impact Producer

Critically acclaimed in the entertainment industry

One of the greatest ways to build a more inclusive society is to ensure people see themselves reflected on- and off-camera.

With Andraéa’s background in Communications and Public Relations—and as a supreme strategist—she gets authentic stories out into the world and creates messages that effect social change.

Her success continues to demonstrate that people of all identities and backgrounds should be at every decision-making table.

The No-Holds-Barred Communicator

Always keeping her finger on the pulse of hot-button issues

Using equal doses of tact and truth, Andraéa is committed to advocating for the rights, needs, and desires of her own communities and those to which she considers herself an ally.

She’s a creative expression extraordinaire who combats the lack of awareness and understanding surrounding diversity, inclusion, and belonging and amplifies voices within communities that are often excluded or misrepresented.

Through her writing and speaking, meaningful conversations begin.

Andraéa Lavant the communicator
Andraéa Lavant sat in her wheelchair summer ready

The Influential Icon

Impacting the spaces she inhabits

Andraéa’s work continues to influence how people include and engage multiply marginalized communities.

Motivated by her deep desire to transform the world around her, she serves up innovative and impactful ideas on life, culture, and style.

Andraéa is determined to leverage her influence to amplify the voices of those often left out of mainstream society’s thoughts and plans.

“I like how your personality, personal style, and authentic voice come through in [your] mission. Your aesthetic, advocacy, impact, and disability justice approach seem to be reflected in the way your team aligns their voice together on projects.”

“Andraéa is a well known disability inclusion strategist and disability justice advocate. She’s currently the impact producer for Crip Camp. Andraéa has worked with a wide range of companies ranging from brand new startups to the largest global brands. She is also a passionate advocate for people with disabilities and the BIPOC community.”

“Andraéa is always a trendsetter. This will not be the first time she or any other member of the disabled community will walk the Oscar red carpet.”

“Andraéa, I saw you on the red carpet and just read your Essence article. You looked fabulous!!! My thanks to you isn’t something generalized. It is very personal and specific. Thank you for paving the way for ME. Thank you for representing ME. Thank you for letting everyone know that there are more crippled Black women coming because I AM.”

“I just wanted to say that I am damn proud of you and I read your article in Essence and it made me emotional. Thank you for putting us on. Thank you for being you.”

“We hardly take the time to think about what’s missing in these spaces. Disability visibility is what I like to call it…but it’s so much more than being seen but also heard.”

In a world that was designed to be exclusionary…

Andraéa is making sure EVERYONE is seen EVERYWHERE

Andraéa’s advocacy goes beyond building an inclusive society.

She’s making sure that the world shifts their views of the communities she represents, and that the world sees them as people not only worth embracing but worthy of being valued as well.

As a legendary leader, this is the global impact Andraéa is continuing to achieve through her intersectionality-focused work that’s geared toward authentic accessibility, equity, and freedom for all.

Because the movement is more than just drawing attention to a singular narrative. Andraéa is all about steering society to advance a better life for everyone.

Beautiful black and white photo of Andraéa Lavant
“It’s not about pity. We don’t need your pity. What we need is your commitment to help build a better world.”


Andraéa takes center stage

as the first visibly disabled woman on the Oscars red carpet—and she vows not to be the last.

Andraéa Lavant on the red carpet at the 2021 Oscars

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